So, What’s Ladies Night Out with Miss Lola Bastinado? Well, it’s very simple: It’s an all female evening dedicated to sisterhood. A fun sex positive forum educating women on the finer points of sensual debauchery. In other words- a night made for women BY women. Each month the Tri-States most open and fun females congregate to celebrate their feminine energy. Imagine a room of warm and welcoming friendly females sharing laughs and connecting over cocktails and decadent hor dourves.

Then all the ladies retreat to ‘Lola’s Lair’ for a little non traditional Sex Ed. Every gathering we’ll focus on various subjects, that YOU are interested in. From keeping things spicy in the bedroom, female masturbation to relationships, Miss Lola Bastinado covers it all. A far cry from the boring sex ed you had in high school. There won’t be rickety projectors with giant building size hoo-has splashed on the wall. Instead, envision a light hearted environment where you can FREELY ask and GET the information you’re seeking. Nothing is off limits. You can ask Miss Lola anything….actually she ENCOURAGES it.

Sponsored by NUVO – ladies will enjoy a 2 hour mixer of unlimited wine and NUVO along with Miss Lola’s Sex Ed segment in ‘Lola’s Lair’ sponsored by B Condoms.


I’m beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to educate and elevate us as a whole. As women we tend to spend all our time taking care of others. Whether family, friends or work. It’s in our nature to nurture. which is a PHENOMENAL attribute to have. Yet, the down fall is…. we loose site of caring for ourselves. It’s a natural progression. We get busy. We get comfy in our yoga pants and pony tails, then catch ourselves in the car window reflection and think: “Whoa what happened?!?!”  I’ve heard the same cry from women across the world. “As we become encompassed in life we tend to put ourselves last.”

Well NOT this year! I’ve made it My mission in 2013 to dedicate an evening monthly to US! On ladies night, we’ll celebrate being a woman. Connect with other females. Drink a little. Talk a lot and laugh even more- but most importantly, Ladies Night is about YOU reconnecting with YOURSELF.

As a career woman, wife and mother I can attest that as busy as life gets- we always need time to “re-boot” and refresh. Ladies Night is simply pure fun. There’s no judgement. No restrictions. I welcome ALL relationship and sex inquiries and will gladly answer them.  So, on Friday night, make sure you pack something that makes you feel fabulous in your bag for work and meet us for an evening where it’s okay to put YOU first!

Here’s to US. Go #TeamVagina (yes I just said #TeamVagina lol)


Miss Lola Bastinado


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