NYC: Friday January 25, 2013


*Thanks to our sponsor, ALL ladies will be able to try NUVO’s RED VELEVET CAKE*

 Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition

We begin 2013, fresh from the frantic holidays and ready to indulge in more *ahem* adult  oriented activities. Sure, Uncle Steve’s war stories and Aunt May’s annual holiday feast was fantastic, but geez Louise it’s time to shake off those fruit cake crumbs and tap back into your inner sex kitten. With Valentines Day quickly approaching, we have the perfect way to help jump start your new erotic new year!

Join renowned sex educator and Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado for a female only evening of feisty fun, erotic education and as always unlimited laughs. As MLB helps prepare the ladies for the upcoming holiday for lovers- you’ll begin the evening with a two hour mixer of unlimited wine and a lavish spread of some of the most tantalizing hor dourves. After we’ve all had a moment to chat and get comfortable you’ll move on to Miss Lola’s private quarters where she’ll share with you some of her personal favorites in adult novelties along with a few ‘secrets’ to help keep the spark in the bedroom. We realize that Valentines Day is literally just around the corner so this ladies night we’ve enlisted some of MLB’s favorites. So, how does it all work? Below is the evenings erotic menu.

______Phase One_______

2 hour Mixer

  • You’ll be joining MLB and the Lovely Ladies for two hours of unlimited wine and the delish hor dourves listed below. This will give everyone an opportunity to say hello. Step out of the bitter winter cold into a welcoming room of female energy. Mingle with new friends and rekindle past connections. Your menu includes:
  • Classic Tomato & Mozzarella ... sweet basil, extra virgin olive oil.  
  • French Onion Tartlet … gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, tarragon. 
  • Imperial Spring Rolls … julienne vegetables, sweet & sour sauce

    Miniature Crabcakes … wasabi aioli. 

  • Grilled Shrimp …marinated melon, wrapped in prosciutto, barbeque mango glaze.
  • Grilled Filet Mignon & Cornichon … spicy aioli, toasted baguette.  
  • Grilled or Fried Calamari … sweet chili sauce. 
    Marinated Chicken Skewers … five spices, Thai peanut sauce.

________Phase Two_________
Lola’s Lair


** Rule number 1: What happens in Lola’s Lair. STAYS IN LOLA’S LAIR **

(Kinda like Vegas but with out the cheap looking atmosphere and fake Elvis lol)

OK, so we admit- last ladies night we ended up at the strip club. Created a scene. Hell, we were the scene- apparently. (says the security guard) lol This ladies night, we go a little more intimate. This is the part of the night you DEFINITELY do not want to miss. This is the one opportunity all ladies have the freedom to speak and act as freely as you wish. Yup we’re talking sex ed. Me-OW! Not the traditional let Me turn on a projector and show you graphs and text book images of your hoo-ha. We’re talking answering the questions YOU want to know about.

Interested in how to keep the sensuality and sexuality alive? We have your answers.

Straight, lesbian or bisexual- We cover all dynamics.

Want to ask questions on technique and use? We WELCOME them.

As always all guests will have the opportunity to ask for sex or relationship advice either publicly or privately. We encourage all private inquiries to be arranged at the top of the evening to insure all guests are accommodated. However, most inquiries will most likely answered during your time in Lola’s Lair. NOTHING is off limits. NOTHING is too tabu. MLB welcomes all.

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition 

Katerina’s Closet- Will be in Miss Lola’s Lair with all of MLB’s favorite picks ready for you to order. There will a few package options available for guests to choose from. Men’s Gift Set, Women’s Gift Set, MF Couples Gift Set, FF Couples Gift Set, as well as individual novelties. All orders taken on ladies night are guaranteed by Valentines Day. Novelty Expert Angela from Katerina’s Closet along with MLB will help guide ladies to the products that will benefit them the most.

A totally DISCRETE, welcoming all female approach to purchasing the private intimate items you choose to enjoy.

Sin & Satin Corsets- MLB’s very own PERSONAL corsetiere Jasmine Ines will be in Lola’s Lair sharing her expertise on how to get that perfect hourglass figure with her custom corsets. Ladies this is a SPECIAL treat, as Jasmine will have a few pieces ready to try on and purchase AND you can order your custom corset and be measured by her personally ON THE SPOT. (Ladies, if you’re attending Miss Lola’s Pin Up party- THIS IS WHERE you need to be to get Pin Up ready!) Not only are Jasmine’s corsets perfect for the Pin Up party…it’s a part of MLB’s Sexy Secrets, that she’ll share with you on January 25th.

_______Phase Three_______
Clubbing at HK Lounge

As an extra bonus, compliments of Miss Lola Bastinado any female with a paid ladies night ticket can attend HK Lounge Friday Night for FREE directly after Ladies night. Ladies night DOESN’T have to end chicas! We can keep the party going as long as we like! Join the thriving nightclub scene with celebrity DJ’s from HOT 97 & POWER 105.

As always we encourage all to drink responsibly. We request making arrangements for husbands, boyfriends, partners, girlfriends, friends, room mates etc to pick you up on ladies night or preparing to have a car service available at the end of the evening. 🙂

Currently there are only a limited number of online sales for this event.

Online presale tickets are $50 per person.
$75 Walk Ups- The Day Of.

By purchasing your Ladies Night ticket here through Event Brite you’ll receive all the above mentioned:
2 hour mixer of unlimited wine &
hor dourves
Entrance into Lola’s Lair
Complimentary entry into HK Lounge

Walk ups will be accepted the night of at $75 per person and can be paid directly to the waitress.

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition


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