THANK YOU (January)




I wanted to take a moment to personally thank every single one of you for joining Me this Friday for January’s Ladies Night. I appreciate all the beautiful energy you brought as well as making some wonderful memories and sharing heart felt laughs along the way. There certainly isn’t anything as fulfilling as a room of warm welcoming, open minded and diverse women. You all set the tone for not only a fantastic evening, but one great weekend. THANK YOU. 🙂

My goal this year is to really build a fun monthly ladies night for us all. We all live hectic lives, and yes- from time to time we ALL need a moment to “pause’ & just be ourselves- with NO judgements or pressure.

To be better women we MUST take care of ourselves first. EMBRACE being a female & simply connect with other ladies in the name of sisterhood. As a sex educator, I’ve infused each soiree with various erotic elements to help liberate, educate and elevate without  being abrasive, offensive or embarrassing. No need to be bashful when you’d like to have answers to your relationship or s3xual inquiries. I WELCOME them! No need to put on your master disguise to sneak into your local adult novelty store for your latest ‘toy’, I’ll bring you the option of discrete shopping with home delivery. So in short, each Ladies Night is designed specifically with YOU in mind. 

Please share with other women you feel that will enjoy joining us. The more the merrier. 🙂 We’ve had several inquire about the next Ladies Night already, so stay tuned as we’ll be covering a subject that at least 90% of you asked Me about on Friday. 😉

For future Ladies Night info, please make sure you visit this work safe blog and forward to your girlfriends:

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Special thanks to our sponsors and contributors of  Ladies Night, please make sure you visit their sites.

Hair Designer:

Joanna Curley


If you have photos to share from Friday, please forward them to Me at: Again, THANK YOU all for a fantastic ladies night. Friday’s turn out was a testament that not even the first snow or 3 hours of NYC rush hour traffic will NOT stop us from getting together! So cheers to US ALL! See you in February! 🙂


Miss Lola Bastinado





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