Lola Bastinado, also commonly referred to as Miss Lola Bastinado, is a renowned multi-media personality. As a sex advice columnist, sex educator and relationship expert, you have seen her on a plethora of media outlets such as: Playboy TV, Playboy Radio, Howard Stern,, Penthouse, Girls of Penthouse, Variations,, and Spice Radio to name a few. Her quick wit and no holds bar approach has catapulted her to becoming the “go to” sex educator in the industry. Having an uncensored approach to “Sex Ed” Bastinado has been noted as “Generation X’s Sex Advice Columnist”.

“Miss Lola is a perfect mixture of brains and uncanny charm. With her connection to her audience and fans- she doesn’t speak at them, she speaks TO them.” Playboy TV Producer John Stavros.

While doing general sex advice, Miss Lola specializes in the niche of Adult Alternative Lifestyles, with a focus on Couples, Swingers, Lesbian, Bisexual and BDSM. As an executive in the Adult Industry, Bastinado is also the Creator and Executive Producer of the esteemed Sybarite Awards as well as owner of MLH Studios, and


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