I wanted to take a moment to personally thank every single one of you for joining Me this Friday for January’s Ladies Night. I appreciate all the beautiful energy you brought as well as making some wonderful memories and sharing heart felt laughs along the way. There certainly isn’t anything as fulfilling as a room of warm welcoming, open minded and diverse women. You all set the tone for not only a fantastic evening, but one great weekend. THANK YOU. 🙂

My goal this year is to really build a fun monthly ladies night for us all. We all live hectic lives, and yes- from time to time we ALL need a moment to “pause’ & just be ourselves- with NO judgements or pressure.

To be better women we MUST take care of ourselves first. EMBRACE being a female & simply connect with other ladies in the name of sisterhood. As a sex educator, I’ve infused each soiree with various erotic elements to help liberate, educate and elevate without  being abrasive, offensive or embarrassing. No need to be bashful when you’d like to have answers to your relationship or s3xual inquiries. I WELCOME them! No need to put on your master disguise to sneak into your local adult novelty store for your latest ‘toy’, I’ll bring you the option of discrete shopping with home delivery. So in short, each Ladies Night is designed specifically with YOU in mind. 

Please share with other women you feel that will enjoy joining us. The more the merrier. 🙂 We’ve had several inquire about the next Ladies Night already, so stay tuned as we’ll be covering a subject that at least 90% of you asked Me about on Friday. 😉

For future Ladies Night info, please make sure you visit this work safe blog and forward to your girlfriends:

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Special thanks to our sponsors and contributors of  Ladies Night, please make sure you visit their sites.

Hair Designer:

Joanna Curley


If you have photos to share from Friday, please forward them to Me at: Again, THANK YOU all for a fantastic ladies night. Friday’s turn out was a testament that not even the first snow or 3 hours of NYC rush hour traffic will NOT stop us from getting together! So cheers to US ALL! See you in February! 🙂


Miss Lola Bastinado





This Friday January 25th

7 PM Sharp

Preparing for Valentine’s Day!
For the January edition of Ladies Night Out with Miss Lola Bastinado, we focus on preparing for Valentine’s Day. After your 2 hour cocktail mixer with unlimited wine, Nuvo and lavish spread of hor dourves- ladies will retreat into ‘Lola’s Lair’ for a fun filled,light-hearted showcase of MLB’s top novelty picks by Katerina’s Closet’s and various demos. An evening dedicated to celebrating sisterhood and sexuality. Produced FOR women BY women. Also, thanks to our sponsor: ForYourNmyphomation the first 25 ladies to arrive on Ladies Night will receive a FREE GIFT! Vera owner of ForYourNmyphomation will also be at Ladies Night with her AMAZING LOCKING TOY bags. As a mother, ladies I’m TELLING YOU her bags are a MUST HAVE.

2-hour mixer
Begins at 7PM

Join MLB and the ladies for a 2 hour mixer of unlimited wine , NUVO and hor dourves. Your menu includes:

  • Classic Tomato & Mozzarella ... sweet basil, extra virgin olive oil.  
  • French Onion Tartlet … gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, tarragon. 
  • Imperial Spring Rolls … julienne vegetables, sweet & sour sauce
  • Miniature Crabcakes … wasabi aioli. 
  • Grilled Shrimp …marinated melon, wrapped in prosciutto, barbeque mango glaze.
  • Grilled Filet Mignon & Cornichon … spicy aioli, toasted baguette.  
  • Grilled or Fried Calamari … sweet chili sauce. 
  • Marinated Chicken Skewers … five spices, Thai peanut sauce.

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition

Sin & Satin Corsets
 Meet MLB’s Personal Corestiere

One of Miss Lola’s Staples is Jasmin Ine’s custom corsets- find out why…

Sin & Satin Corsets- MLB’s very own PERSONAL corsetiere Jasmine Ines will be in Lola’s Lair sharing her expertise on how to get that perfect hourglass figure with her custom corsets. Ladies this is a SPECIAL treat, as Jasmine will have a few pieces ready to try on and purchase AND you can order your custom corset and be measured by her personally ON THE SPOT. (Ladies, if you’re attending Miss Lola’s Pin Up party- THIS IS WHERE you need to be to get Pin Up ready!) Not only are Jasmine’s corsets perfect for the Pin Up party…it’s a part of MLB’s Sexy Secrets, that she’ll share with you on January 25th.

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition

FREE GIFTS for the first 25 ladies to arrive!

The first 25 ladies to arrive on Ladies Night will receive a FREE GIFT thanks to our friends at FYN. Vera owner of ForYourNmyphomation will also be at Ladies Night with her AMAZING LOCKING TOY bags. As a mother, ladies I’m TELLING YOU her bags are a MUST HAVE. Her bags are a staple in the House of Bastinado, find out why on Ladies Night! So whether you have lil ones at home, a nosey room mate or simply prefer to keep your goodies safe and secure DISCRETELY…. FYN locking toy cases are PERFECT! Especially with the fun stuff  you’re ordering from Katerina’s Closet!

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition

Lola’s Lair
Directly after mixer

Retreat into Lola’s Lair for a lil s3x Ed like never before.

** Rule number 1: What happens in Lola’s Lair. STAYS IN LOLA’S LAIR **

(Kinda like Vegas but with out the cheap looking atmosphere and fake Elvis lol)

OK, so we admit- last ladies night we ended up at the strip club. Created a scene. Hell, we were the scene- apparently. (says the security guard) lol This ladies night, we go a little more intimate. This is the part of the night you DEFINITELY do not want to miss. This is the one opportunity all ladies have the freedom to speak and act as freely as you wish. Yup we’re talking s3x ed. Me-OW! Not the traditional – let Me turn on a projector and show you graphs and text book images of your hoo-ha. We’re talking answering the questions YOU want to know about.

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition

Have some questions you want answered? Here’s your chance…

Interested in how to keep the sensuality and sexuality alive? We have your answers.

Straight, lesbian or bisexual- We cover all dynamics.

Want to ask questions on technique and use? We WELCOME them.

As always all guests will have the opportunity to ask for s3x or relationship advice either publicly or privately. We encourage all private inquiries to be arranged at the top of the evening to insure all guests are accommodated. However, most inquiries will most likely answered during your time in Lola’s Lair. NOTHING is off limits. NOTHING is too tabu. MLB welcomes all. A cash bar will be available for all guests in Lola’s Lair.

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition

FREE entrance into HK
All Ladies w a paid ticket for Ladies Night may attend HK Lounge
As an extra bonus, compliments of Miss Lola Bastinado any female with a paid ladies night ticket can attend HK Lounge Friday Night for FREE directly after Ladies night. Ladies night DOESN’T have to end chicas! We can keep the party going as long as we like! Join the thriving nightclub scene with celebrity DJ’s from HOT 97 & POWER 105. Feel free to have your friends, partners, hubbies etc meet us at HK Lounge afterwards. Kindly check with club for door cover and proper attire.

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition

Lola’s Top Novelty Picks
Showcased by: Katerina’s Closet

BRING THE FUN! In Lola’s Lair, we welcome Adult Novelty Expert Angela as she showcases MLB’s top novelty picks for this Valentines Day. As ALWAYS Lola has everyone covered. Men, Women, MF couples, FF couples, triads, foursomes and moresomes. There’s something for literally everyone. The best part is, you can  purchase your items at ladies night from Katerina’s Closet with cash, credit card or pay pal and have your items DISCRETELY delivered to your doorstep BEFORE Valentines Day. We realize that often times, as women- you’d  LIKE to purchase adult items, yet often times aren’t comfortable walking into a seedy novelty store or even want certain store names appearring on your credit card statement. You especially do not want a huge box arriving at your doorsteps that yell: DONGS INSIDE. lol So we’ve taken all the dirty work out of it. We’re bringing the toys, the most FUN toys directly to YOU. Just simply place your order with Angela and she’ll take care of the rest.

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition


Pin Up Hair & Make Up
Showcased by: MLB’s Personal Hair Designer Joanna

MLB has gotten several messages from women excited about Ladies Night and using it as a catalyst to help prepare them for BOTH Pin Up & Play AND Valentines Day. Ladies Night is the one evening that- we, as women leave all our hard work & stresses behind & just celebrate US! (go #TeamVagina lol)

To help eductate & elevate us all into that va-va vavoom pin up vixen inside us – I’ve enlisted my personal Hair Designer and Make-Up Artist Joanna to do a demo on Pin Up hair and make up. Joanna’s expertise in all hair textures is DEFINITELY one not to miss.

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition

Visit Our Sponsors:

Eventbrite - Ladies Night with Playboy TV Host Miss Lola Bastinado- January Edition


Q: Can I invite my friends?

A: YES! Of course! We encourage all women to come.

Q: Can I pay the day of?

A: Surely, although please be mindful that paying the day of will include the price increase to $75 pp. You can ONLY receive the discounted $50 ticket price ONLINE.

Q: Who’s attending ladies night?

A: The average age range for the women attending are any where from 21- 45. We are a diverse and fun group from various backgrounds, preferences and locations. We welcome ALL. 🙂

Q: Can I purchase a ticket for a friend?

A: Absolutely, we simply ask that you email after doing so, this way we can anticipate her arrival. 🙂

Q: Is this a swinger  or lesbian event?

A: LOL… no. However we warmly welcome all regardless of orientation or preference. This is simply an evening FOR WOMEN ONLY. We WELCOME ALL!

Q: I do have an inquiry for Miss Lola, but it’s rather private. Will she still answer it, privately?

A: Yes, simply tell her upon arriving and arrangements will be made to accommodate 🙂

Q: Is Lola’s Lair far?

A: No, absolutely not. Everything is literally steps away.

Q: My partner and our friends are meeting us after to hang out at HK is there a list?

A: No, there isn’t a list for HK lounge afterwards. Kindly check with the club for door fee and proper attire. Ladies, there is cell access in Lola’s Lair so you’ll be able to coordinate with your party. 🙂

Q: If my girlfriend / co worker decides to come last minute can she?

A: Yes indeed. Simply find MLB or her assistant upon arriving and the $75 can be paid directly to your waitress.

Q: Will the items I order be ready by Valentines Day?

A: Yes, all vendors have stated all items will be delivered by Valentines Day. Yet we encourage you discuss delivery with them individually as each order varies.

Q: Will Katerina’s Closet have items other than Lola’s novelty picks that I can order?

A: Sure! You will have the opportunity to order any of Katerina’s Closet’s novelties and lingerie. We are simply showcasing Lola’s Picks the night of.

Q: Will I be able to book Joanna for hair/ make up outside of Ladies Night?

A: YES! Of course! Just simply speak to her the night of and get her card.

Q: Is everyone staying after Ladies Night for the club?

A: It seems that many are. Many have groups of friends meeting them afterwards.

Q: I’ll be coming straight from work, is there a place to change?

A: There’s a bathroom you can change in.

Q: What’s the attire for Ladies Night?

A: That’s totally UP TO YOU! This is YOUR night. However, if you do plan to stay to attend HK Lounge you will need to meet their door policy of club attire.

Q: What if I want something else to drink other than wine at the mixer?

A: Thanks to our sponsor NUVO we are also able to offer you a variety of NUVO. How ever if you’d like to order a different libation kindly note you’ll have to purchase your drinks separately. As all wine for the 2 hours and NUVO is included in your ticket.

Q: My husband is a big fan of Miss Lola’s can he meet her when he picks me up?

A: Absolutely, simply speak to MLB or her assistant when you arrive.

Q: Will my corset I order from Sin & Satin be ready for Pin Up and Play?

A: Jasmin has stated all orders will be ready for Pin Up and Play, however due to the nature of custom work and the detail in design, we encourgae you discuss you item thoroughly with Jasmin to insure proper delievery.

Q: Can we pay for the toys and corsets in cash?

A: Yes, cash is always preferred. Yet Katerina’s Closet will have the ability to accept credit cards.

Q: Is there a work safe website I can send to My girlfriends that has the Ladies Night Info?

A: Yes, we’ve created a blog for Ladies Night. You can find it here: Ladies Night

As always we encourage all to drink responsibly. We request making arrangements for husbands, boyfriends, partners, girlfriends, friends, room mates etc to pick you up on ladies night or preparing to have a car service available at the end of the evening. 🙂

Visit Our Sponsors:

2013 All Rights Reserved.

Phone: 347.694.LOLA 


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